Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat all-inclusive tour package, lodging, meals and guided sea kayaking Bear Glacier is a sea kayaking mecca, and one of the most unique and scenic sea kayaking destinations in Kenai Fjords National Park.

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Alaska Cruises Kenai Fjords National Park - Bear Glacier
Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat - Glamping Lodge Based Sea Kayaking
An exclusive sea kayaking, hiking, and beachcombing wilderness haven.

Iceberg at Bear Glacier
Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat WeatherPORT Shelter
Harbor Seal at Bear Glacier
Remote and accessible only by boat or air, Bear Glacier is a sea kayaking mecca, and one of the most unique and scenic sea kayaking destinations in Kenai Fjords National Park. Take a minute to look at our Bear Glacier Photo Album and just imagine how amazing it would be seeing this awesome place in person. A maze of giant icebergs awaits your arrival. Sea kayaking around the ice bergs is so amazing that when you get here you're going to want to stay longer.

All-Inclusive Tour Package, Lodging, Meals and Guided Activities
Comfortable remote Alaska lodging in our modern custom made 12' X 12' WeatherPORT shelters, a fabric tension structure featuring wood floors and 2 single beds for your comfort. WeatherPORT shelters, are used as permanent shelters in remote location around the world and are proven to offer comfortable lodging in every weather condition from Alaska to Antarctica.

Full custom tour packages are available. Tour packages are available that included transportation to and from Anchorage, overnight pre and post-trip lodging in Anchorage and Seward. Also helicopter flight seeing tours over the Harding Icefield and Kenai Fjords National Park's Aialik Bay is available from the camp.

Combination Tour Options
Bear Glacier and Fly-in Bear Viewing Trip or Denali National Park Tour

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  • Dry Suit - We supply dry suits to keep you warm, dry, and help protect you from hypothermia in Alaska's cold waters. Other Seward sea kayaking outfitters provide rain gear and rubber boots that offer little protection. Another advantage to dry suits is that if the weather turns wet, they add warmth and a comfort level you would not think possible in this maritime environment.
  • Single Kayaks - We provide an option to paddle your own single-person kayak. Most other outfitters use only two-person kayaks. Please inquire.
  • Comfortable Lodging Facilities - WeatherPORT Shelters have wood floors and have 2 single beds. Large enclosed dining area so you can get out of bugs and the elements.
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Tour Type: Sea Kayaking, Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, Lodging
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Comfort: WeatherPORT Shelters (fabric cabins)
Prior Experience: None

Bear GlacierBear Glacier is the largest glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park and is located in remote Alaska location, 15 roadless miles south of Seward and accessible only by boat or air. Its remote location means very few people visit and on most days you will not see anyone. Bear Glacier calves into the lake separated from the Pacific Ocean by a narrow glacier moraine. Our Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat is located on the lake right on the border of Kenai Fjords National Park and offers a sea kayaking experience that is one of the most amazing, photogenic, and unique Alaska sea kayaking experience available in Alaska. The icebergs at Bear Glacier are the largest in Kenai Fjords National Park and the photos just don't capture the beauty, you have to see them in person.

Bear Glacier Lake and icebergsWildlife in the area includes black bears, mountain goats, coyotes, wolverines and harbor seals that come into the lake seeking protection from the Orca whales that cruise just outside along the beach. For birders, this area is the nesting area for a large variety of birds.

Lodging at Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat is in 12' X 12' WeatherPORT fabric tension shelters. They have house style doors, wood floors, 2 single beds. Family style meals are served in our large dining shelter that also serves as a gathering place to relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery, the giant icebergs, and Bear Glacier. There is no running water at this remote location.
Bear Glacier Ice Bergs Sea KayakingSeward - Plan to arrive in Seward one hour or earlier before departure time. You will meet the helicopter at the Seward airport. Detailed information will be emailed to you on reservation.

Complete tour package that includes the transportation to and from Seward. Pre- and post-trip lodging in Seward and/or Anchorage is also available on request.

Beat Glacier Arrival - On arrival a camp host will show you to your WeatherPORT tent cabin and give you an orientation to where everything is at the camp.

Welcome to Bear Glacier where our adventure begins. Depending on your arrival time a meal may be served before heading out to paddle. After getting you outfitted with a dry suit and U.S. Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PFD) we will meet on the beach for kayaking instruction and a safety talk, then head out on the water to see how the kayaks handle.

Bear Glacier Sea KayakingOn the mornings of your departure day please take a few minutes to pack up your belonging and set them inside by the door. If your departure time allows we will head out for a little more paddle time before your departure.

The first call will be for coffee, which includes other drinks such as hot tea, cocoa. Breakfast served shortly after.
Best time to visit Bear Glacier is June 6 - August 31

Daily Departures
June 1 - September 15

We recommend a 3 days / 2 night stay to fully experience what Bear Glacier has to offer. Shorter trips are available if your time is limited.

Departure Times
The helicopter departure is flexible on departure times. Departure times are between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM, your choice of time.

2017 RATES

All-Inclusive, Lodging, Meals, Guided Activities
Rates are per-person and are based on shared room with 2 single beds.

Helicopter To And From Bear Glacier
Helicopter rates are based on the number of seats, the weight of passengers, plus the weight of gear you bring. There are 3 seats with maximum load of 600 pounds per-flight. If your combine weight is over 600 pounds, additional flight(s) will be required and the rate will be more. If you have questions or for a firm cost estimate, please call.

Solo traveler please email or call to join another group to save on cost.

2 days / 1 night Total Weight Limit 600 lbs.
Solo Traveler: Please Call
Two Travelers: $785 each plus tax

3 days / 2 nights Total Weight Limit 600 lbs.
Solo Traveler:Please Call
Two Travelers: $950 each plus tax

Extra day / nights : $195 each plus tax

Trip Quote

On payment of your deposit to Backcountry Safaris, you agree to be bound by Backcountry Safaris' tour terms and conditions. Complete Tour, Reservation and Payment Terms are located here.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Call 1-907-222-1632 to add tour options.
Complete tour package that includes the transportation to and from Seward, the pre- and post-trip lodging in Seward is also available.

Combine this sea kayaking adventure with our bear viewing or our Denali National Park adventure for a terrific Alaska Vacation.
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Dall PorpoiseDid You Know?
The Dall's Porpoise may be the fastest small cetacean on the planet? It has been reported to reach speeds of 30 knots. These creatures delight in riding the bow waves of tour boats in the Kenai Fjords. riding the bow waves of tour boats in the Kenai Fjords.
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